Bangladesh: Largest river delta

Ganges delta
Bangladesh River.
Ganges delta is world's larest river delta, modern Bangladesh. Two important river of Himalya mountains, Ganges (Padma) and Bramhaputra, crossing Bangladesh for Bay of Bengal.

Nilgiri hill in Bandarban of Bangladesh

Nilgiri Bandarban Bangladesh
Nilgiri hill, Bandarban.
Nilgiri hill is a popular tourist attraction in Bandarban, it's one of the tallest peaks and beautiful hill tracks place in Bangladesh and lies some 46 km from the Bandarban district town. Nilgiri means "Blue Hill" in Bangla, although it's a light green hill. Nilgiri hill is a well known tourist place in hill tracts Bandarban with others famous tourist attractions in Bangladesh, specially in Bangladesh. Tourists can be visit this amazing hill while travel to Thanchi from Bandarban town or trip to Ruma Bazar from Bandarban. At the morning time in Bandarban town, there are many car for travel to Nilgiri hill by 2,000 Taka to 2,500 Taka up down trip. November to February is the best time visit Nilgiri hill. there is beautiful resort in the top of the hill maintain by the Army, Nilgiri resort. Booking to be done through army officer. There are three well furnished cottages, also three tents having 4 beds too. Foreign tourist will be restricted there. there is restaurant, helipad.

Earthquakes Risk in Bangladesh

Earthquakes hazard maps and warning.
Sylhet city.
Bangladesh is not much away from most of the earthquakes risky zone, it also located in red zone in latest high seismic hazard maps of Asia. USGS provides latest hazard maps of Bangladesh, here Chittagong division and Sylhet division in high seismic hazard maps, it's worried news for Bangladesh. However UNESCO heritage site world's largest mangrove forest are out of red zone, but have Tsunami risk. For travelers, it's very important to avoid the risky building for looking a hotel in Sylhet and Chittagong area, you also can avoid the building as hotel. Sylhet is a divisional district in Bangladesh and located at noth east area and has border with Indian state Assam. Assam is the one of the most earthquakes risky area in the world, has many dangerous record of earthquakes disaster. Not only Sylhet or Chittagong, also Dhaka city is the one of the earthquakes risky city in the world, the city of almost 20 million. Most of the building in the Dhaka city are unplanned, over 78 thousands building in the list of risky building in the city, surveyed by Gov. Now time to prepare for dangerous disaster as earthquakes. In Bangladesh, here have not any expert rescuers team, neither the Fire Services Department. We have saw their hopeless rescuing on Rana plaza.